Do you also have the passion to pass on your knowledge and tricks?


Do you like being a “brilliant coach” with your aesthetic specializations?

Then you have come to the right place because we are looking for high-end colleagues who are eager to pass on their many years of knowledge to those who are eager to learn. Of course with appropriate honors for your personal efforts.

If you fit into our team, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge with interested colleagues. You can choose whether the course takes place in your institution or whether you want to support the coachee in his or her own practice. Especially if you are already retired, the Course at the Coachee is a good opportunity for you to pass on your valuable knowledge and experience to grateful generations with fees set exclusively by you.

Of course, we have been providing medical education for all our students and residents for many years as part of their academic and clinical training without any special requirements, and we will be happy to continue doing so in the future as our natural task. We are sure that many other colleagues are also very happy to support “young doctors” without any special requirements.

These state-systems for medical trainings are too general and, unfortunately, partially sufficient in practice. It is certainly not the best for doctors and patients. Therefore, with the Brilliant-Skills network we would like to offer an optimised 1to1 coaching with our best experienced colleagues.

All coaches at Brilliant-Skills are very carefully researched by our team of physicians and confirmed with many insider recommendations. We believe this better serves the education of all physicians and other medical professionals, and therefore the needs of many patients internationally.

With your Brilliant-Skills course you can help many patients worldwide by supporting colleagues:

  • to refine medical practice,
  • to reduce trial and error,
  • to reduce complications.

“Brilliant Skills Courses” require a significant amount of extra time and personal commitment for all coaches. This effort should be adequately rewarded so that qualitative and practice-relevant “high-end training” can be even better implemented in the interest of all in the healthcare systems.

Dirk Richter,

Brilliant-Skills founding member

Coach Registration

Do you have any special skills in plastic-reconstructive and aesthetic medicine, which you would like to pass on to your national or international colleagues? If so, please register as coach to offer your course(s).

Our team knows the challenges for a successful Brilliant-Skills course very well from our own experience. It is not always easy to cover a complex topic in one or two course days. Therefore, we recommend offering periods of several days or even weeks in order to meet the expectations of the coachees.

Please contact our team with any questions you may have. We will be happy to support you with our individual tips at every step of your course offering.

All data will be treated confidentially in accordance with strict data protection.

Vision & Idea

  • Your goal is to impart excellent knowledge in your field to colleagues who are not only interested in congress-lectures but also in their practical implementation.
  • Your focus can be on specific surgical techniques as well as on various methods and therapies in aesthetic medicine. Also taking into account traditional and economic aspects in different geographical regions.

Course Quality & Procedure

  • Based on your extraordinary wealth of experience, which makes you one of the best, you are motivated to share your experience in an intensive, interactive exchange.
  • Focus is centered on the needs, questions and expectations of the coachee.
  • We all know that academic titles and practical brilliance are separate aspects that do not automatically correlate. Therefore, when accepting our coaches, we pay special attention to their practical qualities and welcome those colleagues who want to pass on brilliant skills for daily work with patients.

Personal Support

  • You will design the procedure, content and duration of the course according to your experience.
  • We are happy to support you with our many years of experience in 1to1 coaching.
  • We will also be happy to advise you on the costs, depending on the duration and structure of the course.
  • We hope that upon completion of your course, you and your coachee will both leave with the feeling that the course was worth every minute and that the encounter was collegial and instructive for all parties concerned.

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