Medical societies

We have great respect for all the good work of various medical societies worldwide who organize annual congresses. At these meetings doctors are also interested in interdisciplinary overlapping topics and skills. However, more often than not, these cross-sector colleagues are not members of the societies organizing the congresses and therefore do not usually attend. This is an aspect where we can offer our support. We gladly cooperate with renowned medical societies to organize side-by-side on-site courses in the institutions of specific cross-sector coaches who are available near the congress venues.

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Medical Companies

Due to constant renewals and optimization of existing technologies, detailed knowledge and correct application of medical devices is becoming more and more demanding. While general instructions can be provided by the companies themselves, clinical application on patients is left to experienced physicians who are familiar with these devices. Classic examples are endoscopic, microsurgical, laser and radiological procedures. Here we can mediate clinical training with appropriate coaches in cooperation with interested companies.

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