Course Region: Cologne


Holistic Treatment of Lipedema

Theoretical Part: Lectures on the pathology of Lipedema, holistic treatment of the patient, dietary recommendations, conservative treatment and surgical treatment. Practical Part: Observership of a lymph-protective water-assisted Liposuction in the OR and postoperative protocol.


Ptosis – levator procedures

We will perform 2-4 ptosis surgeries for acquired ptosis in one surgery day. I will demonstrate all anatomical aspects, surgical preparation and dosing steps with all details and explain all possible pitfalls and prognosis aspects. Depending on the case, combined upper eyelid blepharoplasty may be performed and explaines too.



Der Kurs vermittelt in Modul 1 die Grundlagen der medizinischen selbstorganisatorischen Hypnose. Modul2 unterrichtet Placebokommunikation und die hirnphysiologischen Erfordernisse dazu. In Modul 3 wird konkrete Hypnoanalgesie und Hypnoanästhesie erlernt. Alle Module mit theoretischem Unterricht sowie praktischen Übungen.


Blepharoplasty Upper-Eyelids

The entire procedure of upper blepharoplasty is demonstrated and explained in detail on at least 2 patients. Both the scalpel and high-frequency cutting techniques are shown. Many practical tips for preoperative organization and postoperative aftercare are explained.


Eye Plastic Surgery

Upper and lower blepharoplasty Eyelid tumors and reconstructions Revisional eyelid surgery Ptosis En-Ectropion Tarsal strip procedures Canthoplasty Congenital oculoplastics Prosthetic eye and socket surgery *Following procedures are not part of this course: Filler and Botulinum injections, Orbital decompression and fractures, Infraorbital rim implants, Enophthalmos, Evisceration, Enucleation, Tear duct surgery, Asian blepharoplasty, Eyebrow lift, Sqint surgery.

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