Face-Lifts and adjunct procedures

The course is designed for colleagues with different levels of knowledge and provides basic and specialized knowledge about various facelift techniques and methods. On one course day 1-2 facelifts are performed, if necessary with lipofilling, peeling, lipostamp and eyelid surgery. The preoperative evaluation and choice of technique is an elementary part of the course, which …

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Holistic Treatment of Lipedema

Theoretical Part: Lectures on the pathology of Lipedema, holistic treatment of the patient, dietary recommendations, conservative treatment and surgical treatment. Practical Part: Observership of a lymph-protective water-assisted Liposuction in the OR and postoperative protocol.


Post-Aesthetic Revisional Eyelid Surgery

Post-aesthetic revisional eyelid surgery. Scleral-Show / Lagophthalmos correction including eyelid margin and retractor procedures, cantopexy, canthoplasty and soft tissue grafts.

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