Botox , Fillers, PRP, Fraxel Laser, Collagen boosters, Peelings etc.


Face-Lifts and adjunct procedures

The course is designed for colleagues with different levels of knowledge and provides basic and specialized knowledge about various facelift techniques and methods. On one course day 1-2 facelifts are performed, if necessary with lipofilling, peeling, lipostamp and eyelid surgery. The preoperative evaluation and choice of technique is an elementary part of the course, which …

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Open Rhinoplasty

Open Aproch Rhinoplasty step-by-step Tip Suture Technique Thick nasal skin


Holistic Treatment of Lipedema

Theoretical Part: Lectures on the pathology of Lipedema, holistic treatment of the patient, dietary recommendations, conservative treatment and surgical treatment. Practical Part: Observership of a lymph-protective water-assisted Liposuction in the OR and postoperative protocol.


Complete submuscular breastaugmentation

Step by step education of the complete submuscular implant positioning in breast augmentation. Preoperative examination, Surgery, post operative care plan.


The easy way to Botox

I teach Beginnes, both individually and in small groups, the best way to use botox. A single workshop, which focusses on the upper face, will teach you everything you need to know to for great results.


Laser, Aesthetics and Dermatology

Routine runs from 8:00 to 18:00 and includes general dermatology, surgery, laser- and aesthetic medicine (e.g. botulinum and filler treatments), depending on the scheduled appointments. Laser systems of the clinic will be demonstrated. The course qualifies as DALM-dies (Diploma in Aesthetic Laser Medicine).


Secondary nose corrections

Different reconstruction patterns for bony vault, chondral vault and nose tip are set in context to the individual case after exact analysis of the different failures to be treated. Donor grafts from temporal fascia, ear cartilage and rip are harvested to the individual demands of the case to reconstruct each of the affected anatomical regions.

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