Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty. All surgical tips and tricks.

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Fat- reduction, resection and/or distribution. Details of lateral canthopexy, advantages, disadvantages. Eyelid corner. Individual eye shape. Correct eyelid margin. Scleral-show, ectropion prevention.

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Course at the coach
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1-2 surgery days with 2-3 course patients
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English, German
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€ 4.700,−

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In this 1to1 lower eyelid blepharoplasty surgery course, where you -if you want- are the only course participant with the coach and his team in the operating room, the following aspects are discussed and shown operationally: Self-protective patient selection with many educational tips against claims for recourse. Anesthesia strategies. Operative details of the lower eyelid blepharoplasty with different incision techniques – scalpel, HF surgery or laser. Appropriate individual incisions. Proper management of intraorbital fat. Intraorbital fat-reduction, fat-resection and/or fat-distribution. Management of orbicularis muscle tension and orbicularis function during lower lid blepharoplasty. Details of lateral canthopexy in different techniques including their advantages and disadvantages. Appropriate eyelid corner shaping. Different suturing techniques with consideration of the individual eye shape of the patient and his wishes with medically correct positioning of the lower eyelid edge without provocation of scleral show and or ectropion. Postoperative follow-up, prophylaxis, management of conjunctival chemosis.

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Oculoplastics / Ophthalmo-Plastics
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