Laser, Aesthetics and Dermatology

Routine runs from 8:00 to 18:00 and includes general dermatology, surgery, laser- and aesthetic medicine (e.g. botulinum and filler treatments), depending on the scheduled appointments. Laser systems of the clinic will be demonstrated. The course qualifies as DALM-dies (Diploma in Aesthetic Laser Medicine).


Secondary nose corrections

Different reconstruction patterns for bony vault, chondral vault and nose tip are set in context to the individual case after exact analysis of the different failures to be treated. Donor grafts from temporal fascia, ear cartilage and rip are harvested to the individual demands of the case to reconstruct each of the affected anatomical regions.


Post-Aesthetic Revisional Eyelid Surgery

Post-aesthetic revisional eyelid surgery. Scleral-Show / Lagophthalmos correction including eyelid margin and retractor procedures, cantopexy, canthoplasty and soft tissue grafts.

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